Kid Tigers & Dragons

Wiggle, Giggle, and Hi-Yah

Focused on Martial Arts Skills mixed with Tumbling & Coordination Building Games

Tiny Tigers

1 to 3.5 Yrs

Parent & Kid Class

Kid Tigers

3.5 to 6 Yrs

Parent Assist as needed

Kid Dragons

K to 9 Yrs

Blended Martial Arts

Fitness, Fun, & Friends

Small group classes for those looking for a mental and physical workout


10-12 Yrs


13-15 Yrs


16+ Yrs

Develop skills from Striking Arts, Weapons Arts, and Grappling Arts

Grappling Arts

A great mental challenge.

Join the Grappling Group

Small group classes with a personalized focus on your needs, interests, and abilities.


16+ Yrs

Available in our Blended MA classes for:

Kid Tigers



"No one get's hurt and everyone goes to work tomorrow," - Coach CW

A family-friendly environment in a smaller & a more intimate training space

Membership Dues are always kept affordable and reasonable ranging from $50-90/month per person

Flying Tiger Martial Arts

Phone: 801-997-0698


Near Sharpsburg & East County, GA

Est. 2005

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