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Tigers STREAM Team

Education Assistance for

Homeschool & After School


Lego Team

(Ages 4-9yrs & 10-15yrs)


Your kids are already naturally gifted creators. They will dive into our massive collections of LEGO. They will build elaborate objects and explore fundamentals principles of engineering and physics. Projects are can be creative and self designed or guided. Kids will also learn to collaborate and create without fear of making mistakes. The experience is joyful, the impact long lasting.


What is the STREAM Team?

In the martial arts, a stream (and water) represents overcoming obstacles, finding the right path, and being strong yet flexible.

We relate learning with a stream to promote academic learning and experience.

  • Students will participate in planned group experiential learning activities including, but not limited to: Science, Technology, Engineering, Reading, Art, Math, Music, & [martial arts] (STREAM).
  • Tutoring, Homework Help, and personalized academic activities.
  • We give students learning experiences that simply aren't covered in many traditional classrooms.
  • Small groups to give your child added 1-on-1 attention
  • Learning activities tailored to your child and their learning cohort
  • Plus - lots and lots of fun. We won't be sitting at desks doing boring worksheets!


Co-op rates maybe available for homeschool parents willing to share their talents.


Contact for more info.

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Homework Help & Study Group


Do your kids need some help with homework, a brush-up, or a head start on your next grade?


In this group, your kids will boost their academic knowledge, confidence, experience, and skills.


STREAM = Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, Music, Math, and Martial Arts (if desired).


Most importantly you won't have to fight your kids to complete their homework. Our coaches are not just parents, but have a Master's Degree in Education with 20+ years teaching kids. Homework will no longer be boring or a battle.



Tigers Tutoring 1-on-1


Does your child prefer or need 1-on-1 Tutoring? We can help with that.


  • Your child will get the individualized attention and support he needs with lessons designed just for him.
  • Homework help and assistance
  • Individualized lessons and homework can be developed upon request.
  • K-8 Tutoring - All subjects
  • High School & College Tutoring - Select subjects
  • Teacher with 20 years experience teaching kids and adults and a Master's Degree in Education.



Distance Online Tutoring


Is driving around town sucking up all your time? Do you need flexibility? Do you live far away from a good tutor?


Through our distance learning program we can help you. Learning doesn't have to be boring or a drag. Learning should be fun.


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